"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

PlayLab's indoor play space welcomes children from infants to kindergarten age (0-5 years) and their families to come in for open play, every day from 9am-6pm.  

In our 2200 sq feet of playspace, we offer interesting and different play activities designed by experts in play and early childhood, tailored to different age groups and areas of development. 


"Play is the way children discover and make sense of the world."


PlayLab's creative play space is the perfect place for children to be curious, experiment and share their play with others as they are engaged through the senses.

Our child-centered toys are carefully selected to stimulate open-ended imaginative play, and most are made of natural and sustainable materials.

Allowing children the freedom to play builds better problem solving and emotional resiliency, as play nurtures developing brains.  


"What will you find at PlayLab?"

We feature a large open-plan play room, a peaceful infant play space, a family lounge,  and soft play areas (check out our gallery here).  


Parents are welcome to join in their child's play, or find a comfy spot to enjoy our complimentary coffees, organic hot teas, wholesome snacks, and free Wifi.

 PlayLab also hosts parties and special events - it's the perfect place for your child's next birthday party or playdate! 




"PlayLab is more than just a play place- we are a community, too!"

We are a growing community of like-minded parents, learning and connecting with other families, hosting weekly classes and groups, parent & child classes, guest speakers, and playgroups.

 Additionally, we will be hosting future parenting and child development experts to help broaden our understanding of our children and their playful selves.