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Ok this is going to start off sounding real dramatic,  but PlayLab really was a game changer for me. I kinda feel like my life would be a bit different without PlayLab close by! It is THE place I've been taking my now 21 month old for many many months now. We've spent countless hours here and I'm just so very thankful that this place exists. It is such a nice place for a toddler (or even younger baby) to play, and there's so much to explore. The place is also pretty clean, I know I've gotten emails from them saying they're carpet cleaning and would close on certain days. The employees are also constantly cleaning up, which I really appreciate. The one thing I think the place is missing is a sink to wash your hands. But I understand that's a plumbing issue and they probably just can't make those changes to the building. Anyway, we love PlayLab and we hope it will continue to have high standards and offer so many families valuable play/ learning time!

-Ellie K.

This is the creme de la creme of indoor play spaces. Tidy, beautifully designed, and a perfect environment for self-led play. The snacks aren't bad, either. Decent sized parking lot too! And lovely staff.

-Valerie M.

The perfect playspace!
1. Reasonably priced
2. Incredibly clean and tidy
3. Free snacks, coffee, and tea!
4. Every kind of play; climbing, dress up, gym mats, blocks, cars, dollhouses, books, EVERYTHING.
5. Nice open floor plan so you can see your kid throughout most of the main space
6. Lots of big comfy couches for parents
7. Free parking!
8. Separate infant room

We will definitely be going back. My normally chill 20 month old was SO UPSET when we left, she would have stayed all day if she could have.

-Julia S.

Playlab is awesome! I went there for the first time the other day with my 1 year old. First, I was happy to see they had plenty of parking which can be a problem at other indoor playgrounds in Pasadena. Once I entered, I was kindly greeted and welcomed at the front desk. I explained it was our first time visiting. My son absolutely loved the space. He played so nicely and I couldn't help but notice the amazing difference between Playlab and other indoor playgrounds we've been to. The space is decorated nicely and it has a feeling of calmness and organization. Other indoor playgrounds we've visited have been more chaotic and crazy. This space was just lovely and my son had such a wonderful time. He visited all the rooms and tried a little of everything. What a great place Playlab is. We'll be back for sure!

-Rachel S.

Everything about this place is awesome! My Friend Melanie always raves about this place and I finally got a chance to check them out.. My kids 2 and 5 loved it!!!! My fav part is that it's super cleannnnnnnn!!!! I liked how it's super calming so the kids aren't overwhelmed with colors and loud noises! The owner was there as well and she is soo sweet! Also the price is sooo reasonable!:

I can't wait to be back!

My fav fav part.... the refreshment station for the parents!! What a nice touch!

-Aloulou O.

EXTREMELY clean, far beyond any other indoor playgrounds. I think it is better for the younger crowd like crawlers and new walkers. My son is a 15 month old, independent bruiser type, so he does better having a little older crowd to rough house with him (but I think that's the point of this place). The gated infant room is awesome for the super littles. They have snacks and coffee and drinks provided which is really cool. Only negative is when my little monster can see them and wants to grab even though he just ate lunch. Def more positive than negative tho! I do think they could use a little music. I came on a non crowded day which is fine but you could hear a pin drop. Any music woulda been nice. The staff was super friendly and it's an amazing place. If my kid was a little younger or a little more shy, I would be here ALL the time.

Update: came again and met owners who were super nice! I also checked out their website and saw all the classes offered, and they even update their social media to give real time updates on if it's busy or slow. This is a really awesome place. I hope they have a ton of success!

-Jen B.

-Great place to take your little ones! Staff is very polite, location is safe and inside it's very clean.  There are plenty of toys and books; the play area is very open and big. There is a special room for tiny newborns too!  

There are a lot of places for guardians to sit and watch their kids play. They have a designated eating area for snack time, and coffee and tea for adults. Also, there are a lot of parking spaces for free; it's nice not to have to pay for parking or park on the street.  I highly recommend Playlab to anyone with a toddler or newborn.

-Cece L.

We love this place! It's so comfortable and relaxing. It truly feels like an extension of our house where my daughter has the chance to interact with others. I love how they offer coffee for the adults and some light snacks. I secretly go there just to relax myself because it's so easy to keep an eye on my lil girl. Unlike other places I can also actually genuinely interact with other parents and I can see a community of playdates being built here.

-Labid A.

I am in love with this place. As an early childhood educator, everywhere I go with my toddler is filled with tons of colors! They are all basically screaming chuck E cheese without the machine sounds. This place is so nicely decorated with neutral colors which has a nice calming effect (even with kids playing). Just like a previous reviewer had mentioned, this place definitely has RIE influences. While I'd love to keep this new gem hidden, I definitely want it to be around so definitely check it out! I got so lucky finding this place thru yelp. Its been so ridiculously hot and very few indoor playgrounds are open on wkends which seems ludicrous to me. I can't imagine that there is a birthday party at all these other places all day long! One special thing Carrie, the owner, pointed out about Playlab is that even if there is a party in the morning or afternoon, she'd open the time that there is no party and she'd save the first wkend of every month for open play so no parties allowed! Yay for our little ones! 

This place also has events with special speakers, parent classes, lactation help and others. Check it out!

-Wendy H.

PlayLab is a young child's absolute dream. A learning play space for young children offering many experiences and classes to engage creativity and imagination in an aesthetically calming yet appropriately stimulating environment. Ample parking and staff that is incredibly friendly and professional. As soon as you walk in, you are immediately greeted with a warm welcome. Complimentary coffee, snacks and free Wi-Fi. The space is super clean with a large selection of well thought out (new and interesting) toys. Absolutely consider birthday parties here. This place is awesome and my toddler can attest. She had so much fun and did not want to leave, even after several hours of unstructured play. If I could give PlayLab more than 5 stars, I would.

-Roza B.

-Cool, modern, clean and peaceful are the best words I can use to describe this space... love the minimalism approach and Montessori style of the play areas.. it was fun to watch our 2.5 year old and other babies and toddlers enjoy playing without being over stimulated.  Loved how kind the staff was, how clean the space was... and the quality toys and play structures/furniture provided. The coffee and snack area was also adorable. Favorite indoor play space in LA!

-Jenna E.