Subscription Membership

Subscription Membership

60.00 every month

Memberships give your family UNLIMITED visits- a great value for frequent visitors! If a child is visiting more than 5 times a month, a membership is your best option.

When you sign up for a subscription membership, you pay automatically and save $5 every month off the regular membership price of $65/month. Even better, your rate will never change as long as you maintain your plan.

Instead of paying per day pass, these are a great value for families and/or those who visit frequently.

Memberships come in two versions: One Month or Monthly Subscriptions.  All of our memberships give your immediate family (up to 3 children)* unlimited visits to PlayLab during our open play hours.  

*Please note: your membership will go into effect upon the date of purchase.


*Please note: Family Memberships are intended to be used only by the members of the immediate family. Memberships must register the names of up to 3 adults (in the immediate family) and up to 3 children (in the immediate family), which cannot be changed or substituted once the membership begins.  Membership status will be granted only to the persons registered, and can not be shared with friends or other people not listed on your membership.

Memberships are non-refundable after purchase.  We leave it up to each member to decide how to make the best use of their membership; we cannot give refunds for infrequent use.

Also, our website is unable to apply any referral credits or gift certificate codes towards purchasing a subscription membership. If you’d like to use your credit for this purchase, call us at 626-376-0840 or see us in person and we can help.