Should you get a Day Pass, Pack, or Membership? We have several options to fit your needs, and you can conveniently buy them online, ahead of your visit!

Not sure what to get? Here’s our guide and recommendations to find the right one for you:

  • Day Passes are valid for the entire day, and include return privileges. $12 per child, per day. First-time visitors get it for a special rate of $10 per child. (Not available online; only available at PlayLab in-store).

  • Packs of Day Passes come in two options: a 5 visit pack for $55, or a 10 visit pack for $100. Both of these save you a lot of money over buying individual day passes; and they never expire. We recommend a pack if you’re planning to visit less then 6 times per month. Buy Now

  • Monthly Memberships also come in two options: 1 Month for $65, or a recurring/Subscription Membership for $60/month. These give you UNLIMITED visits during that time! Memberships are your best deal if you’re visiting frequently: if you have one child, a membership pays for itself after 6 visits per month. (If you have two children, it pays for itself in just 3 visits per month). Buy Now. A Subscription Membership ($60 per month), which renews automatically and saves you $5 each month off the regular price. (And you can cancel anytime!) Buy Now

We also have room rentals, toys, and gift certificates available in our online store.