Kathy Killebrew, CCCE, CAPPA

I have been a certified childbirth educator for 37 years, and was a labor doula for 14 of those years. I have completed dual certifications, and am presently certified through CAPPA. My ten-week series covers nutrition, in-depth information on labor and delivery, how to stay low risk, breastfeeding, postpartum and baby care. Over 5,000 couples have completed this course. I truly have a passion for helping women lessen their fear about birth, and teaching them how to receive more individualized care rather than routine care. It is my job to keep current on birth research, and present up-to-date information to my students so they can make informed decisions.

In addition to teaching two 9-week series concurrently throughout the year, I teach a twice-a-month prenatal nutrition class for clients of the Del Mar Birth Center, conduct one-evening refreshers for parents expecting again, and have given presentations to various support groups and colleges in the area, including Pacific Oaks, often speaking on Choices in Birth and the Affect these Choices Have on Mother/Infant Bonding.

My husband and I had four amazing birth journeys, each unique, but each time I felt loved, nurtured, and supported by those around me. Besides my own births, one of the greatest joys has been the birth of my 5 grandchildren, including a set of twins!