Keeping PlayLab Healthy and Happy

Dear PlayLab Families,


We wanted to take a moment to remind you that the health and safety of your family is incredibly important to us. Our team works hard to make sure the space and toys are as clean and safe as possible each time that you visit.

Early on, we made a decision to follow the cleaning and disinfecting guidelines set by the top accrediting body for early education centers. Not because we have to, but because we want parents to feel confident that PlayLab is a healthy environment for play and exploration.

As we continue to work hard to make our space the best, we ask that you do your part by making sure your family is healthy and symptom-free before visiting. We can work together to look out for those in our PlayLab family who are most vulnerable to illness such as pregnant moms, infants, and newborns.

As always, we appreciate your support in making PlayLab a safe and special place for families to play.

-The PlayLab Team

Check out our cleaning policy here.

Carrie Shoup