We take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously.

  • In fact, our cleaning protocols are based on the NAEYC Accreditation cleaning regimen, the standard for many facilities conducting early learning programs.

  • Every night, we mop the wood floor and thoroughly vacuum the carpeting.  We also set out two hospital-grade, HEPA-compliant IQAir purifiers to clean our air all night long. We even run a high-end Roomba robot to work on the floors overnight!

  • We also regularly bring in professional cleaners to do deep cleans on our carpets and the rest of the facility.

  • Throughout the day, you'll see us cleaning toys, tables, sweeping the floors and wiping down surfaces.

  • We use hydrogen-peroxide based cleaners, Chlorox wipes, Seventh Generation spray, and natural cleaners, whenever possible.

  • If your child has mouthed a toy, that's perfectly fine!  After they're finished enjoying it, just drop it in one of the 'wet toys' bins around the playspace, and we will clean it. 

  • We ask that children or adults who are sick, or show signs/symptoms of sickness, please stay home until they feel better.  Otherwise, we may ask you to leave.

  • If you see a parent or child who appears to be ill, please let one of the staff know and we will follow up discreetly with that family.